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Cable Rail - Custom

Introducing our NEW generation
of swageless Quick-Connect® cable hardware!

Quick-Connect Deck
  • Super fast and easy field assembly with automatic-locking Quick-Connect® jaws.
  • No cumbersome swage crimp tools or difficult to use compression fitting parts.
  • Made from weather-tough, low-maintenance type 316 marine-grade stainless steel.
  • Wide selection of fitting designs to satisfy virtually any installation condition.
We’ve taken our patented automatic-locking-jaw design from our original Quick-Connect® fitting and applied it to an entire line of cable end fittings. Now you can select from a wide variety of sleek and versatile cable end fittings that offer the flexibility of assembling cables in the field and the simplicity, speed, and gripping power of our Quick-Connect® jaws: no more cumbersome swage crimp tools or time-consuming wedge-type compression fittings. Simply trim your cable to length, push the end into the Quick-Connect® fitting, and the spring-loaded jaws automatically engage. You’re ready to go!

These new fittings are designed for 1/8" diameter, 1x19 stainless cable and are made from high-quality 316 grade stainless steel with a tumble satin finish for weather-tough durability, low-maintenance, and lasting beauty.

Quick-Connect® Fixed Ends

Original Quick-Connect® SS Fitting

QuickConnect Fitting
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
3146W-PKG 1/8" $15.98
3147 3/16" $23.63
3148 1/4" $24.75

NEW! Quick-Connect® Fixed Jaw End

QC Fixed Jaw End
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9901 1/8" $23.18

NEW! Quick-Connect® Fixed Surface Mount

QC Fixed Surface Mount
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
with Screws
1/8" $24.98

NEW! Quick-Connect® Expansion Anchor

QC Expansion Anchor
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9906-PKG 1/8" $17.46

Quick-Connect® Tension Adjustment Fittings

NEW! Quick-Connect® Threaded Terminal

QC Threaded Terminal
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9904-PKG 1/8" $17.06

NEW! Quick-Connect® Internal Thread Adjuster

QC Internal Thread Adjuster
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9907-PKG 1/8" $16.29
9908-PKG 1/8" $16.47
9909-PKG 1/8" $16.74

NEW! Quick-Connect® Jaw Turnbuckle

QC Jaw Turnbuckle
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9900-PKG 1/8" $41.18

NEW! Quick-Connect® Surface Mount Turnbuckle

QC Surface Mt. Turnbuckle
Part# Cable Dia. Price  
9902W-PKG 1/8" $36.45
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