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Design Rail - In Fill

Customize Your Railing - DesignRail® Infill

The basic infill options are illustrated below. However, we can also assist with custom infill such as textured, etched or decaled glass panels, special picket designs, or even wood strips or panels for solid barriers or fences—the Aluminum Railing System adapts.

<click to enlarge> All infill options require a horizontal Foot Rail (optional for 36" high frames using horizontal cable infill only) and a Cap Infill Channel. These secure the railing infill and add support to the frame structure. Foot Rails connect to the posts using Rail Connecting Blocks (RCBs) and Cap Infill Channels snap into the underside of the Cap Rails. Each infill type has a specific corresponding Foot Rail and Cap Infill Channel design. Foot Rails and Cap Infill Channels are available in 10 and 20 foot lengths that can be cut to size in the field.

Tempered Glass

Clear or custom tinted panels that come cut-to-size, ready-to-install. Panels are easily inserted into vinyl lined slots in the Cap Infill Channel and Foot Rail; no special mounting hardware needed. Maximum post spacing is 5 feet on center.

tempered glass

Vertical Pickets

3/4" square aluminum pickets that come cut-to-size, ready-to-install. Pickets come powder coated to match the frame color and are secured to the Cap Infill Channel and Foot Rail with screws. Maximum post spacing is 6 ft on center (residential), 5ft (commercial).

vertical pickets

Vertical Cables

1/8" diameter, type 316 stainless steel cables that come prefabricated to size, ready-to-install (for 36" & 38" high frames only. Not available for Series 400 cap rail frames). Maximum post spacing is 5-1/2 ft on center (residential), 5 ft (commercial) with 2 intermediate aluminum pickets.

vertical cables

Horizontal Cables

1/8" diameter, type 316 stainless steel cables available in standard assembly lengths that can be trimmed to length in the field. Maximum post spacing is 6 feet on center with 1 intermediate aluminum picket. Horizontal Foot Rails are required for 42" high frames and may be used as an option on 36" and 38" frames.

horizontal cables with foot rail

horizontal cables - no foot rail

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