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Design Rail - Posts

Customize Your Railing - DesignRail® Aluminum Posts


post cross-section <click to enlarge>

post cross-section <click to enlarge>

Posts are made from heavy duty 2-3/8" square tube extrusions and come pre-cut to meet minimum railing height standards for residential (minimum 36" & 38" high) or commercial (minimum 42" high). Special heavy duty posts are available for surface mounted commercial (42") railings. Posts also come pre-drilled for cables when using horizontal cable infill (except stair and ramp posts which must be field-drilled). Square posts can be fascia mounted, fascia bracket mounted, surface mounted, or stanchion mounted.

post cross-section <click to enlarge>post cross-section <click to enlarge>

We also offer a 45° corner post which allows single post construction at 45° corners. As with the square posts above, these extrusions come pre-cut and pre-drilled (except when used on stairs and ramps). They can be either surface mounted using a pre-attached standard 45° profile base plate, fascia mounted, or stanchion mounted.
Special heavy duty 45° posts are available for surface mounted commercial (42") railings.

Fascia Mount

For side mounting to fascia boards, joists or walls. Fascia Mount posts come with pre-drilled bolt holes.

Surface Mount

For top mounting to deck, patio or stair tread surfaces. (5" square base plates come pre-attached).
fascia mount <click to enlarge>
surface mount <click to enlarge>

Fascia Bracket Mount

For side mounting to fascia or rim joists when decking or nosing trim extends beyond the edge of the fascia board. Posts are attached using metal brackets that are available with a 1-1/4" stand-off. Railing must have a bottom rail when using this mounting method.

Stanchion Mount

For mounting on stone or tile covered concrete slabs or on roof decks where penetration of waterproof roofing membranes must be minimized. Short stanchions are attached to the structural members prior to pouring the slab or laying the roof membrane. Railing posts are then sleeved over the protruding stanchion ends and secured with screws.
fascia bracket mount <click to enlarge>
stanchion mount <click to enlarge>
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