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Gripple Wire Rope Grips

The Hanging Solution for Mechanical and Electrical Services

Self-Locking Gripple Wire Rope Grip is a simple, effective alternative for terminating wire rope assemblies. It completely eliminates the need for traditional wire rope clips.

Strong- stronger than the wire rope, the rope will break first. Fast- installed in seconds, no need for additional tools. Easy-self-locking, simple push-fit, which cannot be installed incorrectly. Safe-consistent, reliable and very efficient, whether installed by skilled or unskilled labor.

Gripple Self-Locking Wire Rope Grips are designed for use with steel wire rope only. Not suitable for fiber rope applications.

PART # SIZE / LOCKABLE RANGE Max. Vertical Load Rating List Price (ea.) Our Price (ea.)
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G-RG-02SRF 1/16" (1.5mm) For 1/16" cable: 77 lbs $3.75  $2.95
G-RG-04 1/8" (3MM) 330 Ibs $7.50  $5.78
G-RG-06 3/16" (5MM) 880 lbs $10.20  $7.85
G-RG-08 1/4" (6MM) 1,100 lbs $15.90  $12.24

Gripple Loop Hangers

The Unique Gripple Hanger has revolutionized
installation techniques by making it quick and easy.
  • Strong - 5:1 load rated system
  • Replaces threaded rod - No more sawing, filing or fixing nuts
  • Faster - Reduces installation time by 80%
  • Safe - Lightweight, making it easier to carry on site
  • Saves time and money - No need for additional bracketry

Each Gripple Loop Hanger Pkg includes: Wire rope, 1 Gripple Rope Grip, 1 Release Tool and installation guidelines.

The Hangers are used for bracing or suspending: HVAC, Mechanical & Electrical, Seismic Bracing, Signage

PART # SIZE CABLE LENGTH LIST PRICE        (ea.) Our Price (ea.)
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G-HF02-05 NO. 2 Max. Safe Work Load 100 lbs Loop 5 FT $5.63 $4.89
G-HF02-10 10 FT $6.79 $5.90
G-HF02-15 15 FT $7.89 $6.85
G-HF03-05 NO. 3 Max. Safe Work Load 200 lbs Loop 5 FT $6.92 $6.00
G-HF03-10 10 FT $8.24 $7.14
G-HF03-15 15 FT $9.55 $8.29
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