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KONG Backup

Safe and simple to use with one only hand!

BACK-UP is the new KONG fall arrester that follows the operator in both directions and stops possible falling. By shifting the special button on the lock mode, the BACK-UP can be used as a positioning device or a normal locking device.

Due its superior manufacture, BACK-UP complies with the strongest stress tests in a semi-dynamic way, and it eliminates the shocking effects on ropes caused by traditional self-locking rope grabs with toothed cams.

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A=99.5 mm (3.9 inches) and B=70.0mm (2.75 inches)
Weight: 205g

“The Kong Backup Rope Grab is the next design step in the evolution of rope grabs. And here are just a few reasons. No exterior lever arm to grab and disable the device from grabbing, making the panic/grab action less of a safety issue. There are no teeth on the cam to grab your 7/16” diameter kernmantle rope. The Backup passes the ANSI z359.1 drop test for slippage, you must use the 205 gram steel carabiner provided with the Backup. The Park feature allows you to use the grab in both a self trailing mode and as a positioning device. The Backup is lighter than its competition, it would take two devices to give you the multiple use ability of the Kong Backup Rope Grab.”

Steve Reinehr - Patroller Supply, LLC - Utah

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