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1/2" - The Vine All-In-One Arborist Flipline System w/ Aluminum Swivel-Eye


2.70 LBS

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Product Overview

The Vine ProClimb All-in-One Flipline Kit 

Infinitely Different. Never Beaten.

Just like you, the Vine is different. It was never meant to be the same. It was made to be better… Better with the newest premium hardware, more style, more features, less slipping. Each kit comes with the innovative, top-of-the-line, ultra secure Triple-Lock I-Beamer Lite carabiner. The new look signifies change, and ultimate customizability.

The Vine also includes an efficient and easy-to-attach aluminum safety snaphook. The Aluminum Mini Rope Grab is engineered for both free-hand movement and fixed work positioning with its manual mode.

  • Flipline in lengths of 8', 10', or 12'
  • Aluminum Mini Rope Grab - USR-200-MRG
  • Forged Aluminum Swivel Snaphook - USR-145S-ABK
  • Triple Lock I-Beamer Lite Carabiner - USR-19-A3T

Please download the instructional / inspection info:

WARNING: Do not use near electrical lines.