1-3/16" - 304 Stainless Steel Round Rings - 1/4" Thick

1-3/16" - 304 Stainless Steel Round Ring - 1/4" Thick


SKU: K-42-630

Weight: 0.00 LBS

We offer DuraBrite™ stainless steel hardware for all marine, industrial and architectural needs.Our stainless steel shackles will meet and exceed your expectations. High quality stainless steel hardware components and custom stainless steel hardware are our specialty. We have a wide selection of stainless hardware available to meet your marine hardware needs.

  • 1/4" Thick
  • Inside Diameter listed in table

WARNING: Not for human support or overhead lifting.

Part # Type Diameter WLL Material
K-42-630 Marine 1-3/16” 675 lbs Stainless Steel