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1.8" OD - Removable Extreme Chafe Gear

Chafe Master

0.00 LBS

Product Overview

This heavy-duty chafe guard is best for industrial marine applications that have severe chafe issues. The Chafe Master™ removable extreme chafe gear sleeve is removable, which allows for easy access to inspect mooring lines, hydraulic hoses, cables, and any other marine application that would need extreme protection. It's removable and easily applied.

  • Material: Proprietary polymer coated 1500 denier substrate
  • Chafe Resistance: Outstanding, tough, heavy-weight
  • Puncture/Tear: Excellent
  • UV Protection: Excellent; Meets EN13758-1
  • Wicking: Non-Wicking
  • Temperature Range: Ambient –35°F (-37°C) to + 225°F (107°C)
  • Closure: Mil-Spec hook & loop sewn to sleeve with Spectra thread
  • Chemical Resistance: Very good resistance to water, petroleum products, and detergents