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1x19 | 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope (Aircraft Cable)


3.00 LBS
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Product Overview

SwageRight™ creates quality 316 stainless steel wire rope in a 1x19 diameter is best suited for rigging, lifting, towing, and heavy construction applications. The 316 stainless steel can also be used in industrial applications where chemicals are processed as well as high saline environments such as in marine applications. A 1x19 construction allows for a stiffer, non-flexible cable that won't kink or bend.

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SKUDiameterWLLBreak Strength
W-10-002 1/16" 100 lbs 500 lbs
W-10-003 3/32" 240 lbs 1,200 lbs
W-10-004 1/8" 356 lbs 1,780 lbs
W-10-006 3/16" 800 lbs 4,000 lbs
W-10-008 1/4" 1,380 lbs 6,900 lbs

*WLL is approximately 20% of average break strength which allows a 5:1 design factor.