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2.5T - Grade 100 Swivel Self-Locking Hook


3.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Yoke’s 2.5T - Grade 100 Swivel Self-Locking Hook is ideal for rigging with a swivel action design. The Working Load Limit of 2.5 Tonnes means it is strong and reliable. The  self-locking mechanism is incredibly reliable and will provide the security you are looking for. The 4:1 design factor proves that it is super strong. This Swivel Hardware is compatible with Grade 100 Chains from ¼”-5/16”.


  • Swivel Design

  • 2.5 T Strength

  • A 4:1 Design Factor

  • Self Lock Gate Action

Compatible With Grade 100 Chains From ¼”-5/16”.

Ideal Uses:

Ideal for rigging, these swivel self-locking hooks will not open when under load and its latch closes automatically.

  • To be used with a 1/4 - 5/16 inch Grade 100 chain

★ Design factor 4:1 proof tested and certified.

WARNING INFORMATION: This hook is a positioning device and is not intended to rotate under load.