Grade 100 Trigger Kit

3/4" - Trigger Kit for Grade 100 Self-Locking Hook

SKU: X-P025-20

Weight: 0.09 LBS

YOKE trigger kits are made to suit all Yoke Self Locking Hooks and are supplied with five components to allow ease of fitting. The trigger kits available for YOKE Grade 100 Eye Self-Locking Hooks (X-025), Grade 100 Clevis Self-Locking Hooks (X-026), and Grade 100 Swivel Self-Locking Hooks (X-027).

Available stock is subject to prior sales. Please contact customer service at (888) 260-7444 for low stock level inquiries.

Part # Type Diameter WLL
X-P025-20 Trigger Kit 3/4” N/A