Grade 100 Alloy Swivel Bearing Hoist Hook

3T - Grade 100 Alloy Swivel Bearing Hoist Hook

SKU: 8-175N-03

Weight: 3.50 LBS
Typically Ships in 3 Weeks

US Rigging chooses the best quality products for our customers.  Alloy swivel hoist hooks are manufactured from the finest quality alloy steel and are quenched and tempered.

  • YOKE alloy swivel hoist hook are manufactured from the finest quality alloy steel

  • YOKE swivel hoist hook are quenched and tempered

  • 20,000 cycle fatigue rated to 1.5 times of 4:1

  • 100% magnaflux crack detected

  • All parts with batch number for quality certified and traceability

  • YOKE Swivel Hoist Hooks are pre-drilled to accept a Yoke latch kit


★ Proof tested to 2.5 times of 4:1 the Working Load Limit as G100 components.
★ Proof tested to 2 times of 5:1 Working Load Limit.


Available stock is subject to prior sales. Please contact customer service at (888) 260-7444 for low stock level inquiries.

Part # Type Style WLL Material
8-175N-03 Hoist Hook Swivel Bearing 3 tonnes Grade 100 Alloy Steel