Grade 100 Eye Grip Safe Locking Hook

4T - Grade 100 Eye Grip Safe Locking Hook

SKU: X-950-10

Weight: 4.20 LBS

These eye safe locking hooks are manufactured from alloy steel and are individually magnaflux crack detected after heat treatment, making them perfect for rigging. The grip safe locking hook has been in use through the rigging industry for many years and its pioneering safety advancements has proven it to be a the safest all round hook accessible today. With its grip safe eye style hook, this rigging essential allows the operator to release the trigger button and open the hook without sticking his or her hand inside the load bearing portion of the hook; eliminate any potential safety threats when operating the locking hook.

  • To be used with a 3/8 inch Grade 100 chain

★ Design factor 4:1 proof tested and certified

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Part # Type Style Diameter WLL Material
X-950-10 Grip Hook Eye 3/8” 4 tonnes Grade 100 Alloy Steel

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -