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7x19 | Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (Aircraft Cable) MIL-DTL 83420


4.00 LBS

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Product Overview

SwageRight™ creates quality galvanized stainless steel wire rope in a 7x19 diameter that is best suited for rigging, lifting, towing, and heavy construction applications. Galvanization is ideal for heavy-duty applications and offers greater protection against deformation and wear. This galvanized steel wire rope is also complaint to stringent MIL-SPEC MIL-DTL 83420 standards.

SKUDiameterWLLBreak Strength
W-21-104MS 1/8" 400 lbs 2,000 lbs
W-21-105MS 5/32" 560 lbs 2,800 lbs
W-21-106MS 3/16" 840 lbs 4,200 lbs
W-21-108MS 1/4" 1,400 lbs 7,000 lbs
W-21-110MS 5/16" 1,960 lbs 9,800 lbs

*WLL is approximately 20% of average break strength which allows a 5:1 design factor.