ACSR, Wire Rope and Cable Cutter

ACSR, Wire Rope and Cable Cutter

SKU: P-22-WC16

Weight: 6.60 LBS

This wire cutter is an economical tool for cutting several different types of material including the following ACSR, wire rope, cable, aluminum, copper, piano wire and even soft rod.

  • 1" aluminum and copper
  • 5/8" wire rope
  • 7/16" ACSR
  • 1/8" piano wire
  • 5/16" soft rod

The shear-cut blades on this cable cutter evernly cuts both soft and hard steel cable, wire rope, and small ACSR cable.

Part # Type Style Diameter L Material
P-22-WC16 Cutter Large Diameter Up to 5/8” 28” Steel