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Better Grab 3 Positioning Lanyard w/ ANSI Aluminum Snap Hook

Pelican Rope

2.00 LBS
$139.49 - $146.99
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Product Overview

With unmatched durability built for tower and pole climbing work, this lanyard features:

  • ProClimb™ Better Grab Removable Rope Grab.
    • Stainless steel core
    • Ergonomic, rubberized cover
    • Anodized aluminum cam
    • Large thumb rest for precise control
  • 7/16” Static Master™ lanyard in lengths of 8’, 10’, or 12’.
  • Thimble
  • Chafe Master™ protective abrasion sleeve.
  • ANSI Aluminum Snap Hook

This work positioning lanyard is ideal for tower & pole climbing and is ANSI Z359.3 & OSHA 1910 / 1926 compliant.

Please download the instructional / inspection info: