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Bulldog Technora® Prusik Lanyard

Pelican Rope

0.17 LBS
$24.99 - $29.99
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Product Overview

LYSE-10T4 8 mm Technora 28" - 32"
LYSE-13T4 10 mm Nylon 28" - 34"

Secure Your Place in the Climbing Realm

With our new Bulldog Technora Prusik Cord, we know we’ve really got a hold on you. It features a start of the art cover with incredible heat resistance. This high-performance friction hitch is engineered to help you SECURE YOUR PLACE IN THE CLIMBING REALM when you are working in trees or rappelling. 

This prusik loop allows you to modify the hitch with any number of different knots applied.  It is engineered specifically to provide a perfect grip and offer incredible abrasion resistance.  The synthetic Technora materials offer exceptional stability and a remarkably high melting point. With an eye sewn by experts at Pelican Rope, these prusiks are designed to survive longer in some of the most extreme conditions


Best Uses:

  • Tree Work
  • Rappelling
  • Rescue Loop

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