Avoid Tangling & Twisting With Swivels

There are many different applications for swivels but their functions remain similar; a swivel is a rotational device swing used to prevent lines from getting tangled or wrapped while allowing rotation on the line. You may be looking for a climbing swivel to keep your flipline from getting tangled or you may be looking for an aerial swivel for your rescue operation needs. A good swing swivel can be used while lifting a load or for climbing applications.

US Rigging offers swivels that have been chosen for their performance and high-quality construction. All of our swivels are made from sturdy and corrosive resistant aluminum materials. Keep reading to learn more about the different functions, products, and uses we offer when it comes to swivel.

How Are Climbing Swivels Used?

When used in climbing applications, swivels can serve a few different functions. They can be used in your positioning system for situations where you want to stay in one spot on a line without eliminating your ability to rotate on the line. In these applications, a swivel will keep your climbing line from getting twisted while you are climbing. A good swivel can also give you increased freedom and range of motion while you descend on your rope.

Some Advantages Of Using Swivels In A Climbing Setup:

  • Increases Range Of Motion During Descents
  • Prevents Twisting And Tangling On A Climbing Line
  • Allows Freedom Of Rotation In A Positioning System

How Are Swivels Used For Lifting Loads?

If you are using a swivel to lift a load, it will again be used to eliminate twisting on a chain, rope, lanyard, or other cord. The use of a swivel will increase stability and decrease torsional damage on your line. Swivels can also be used to position a load on a line without restricting its motion or rotation.

Some Advantages Of Using Swing Swivels In A Loading Setup:

  • Increases Load Stability
  • Decreases Damage From Torquing
  • Prevents Twisting And Tangling On A Rigging Line
  • Allows Freedom Of Rotation In A Positioning System

What Kinds Of Lines Can Swivels Be Used On?

Different types of swivels can be used for pretty much any type of line, cord, or lanyard. A swivel can be used on a heavy-duty chain for incredibly heavy loads. Swivels are also used for climbing ropes, fishing lines, and various forms of lanyards.

What Is Tensile Strength?

Tensile strength refers to the maximum strength that can be held on a load without causing damage to your line. The strength of our swivels is measured in kilonewtons, abbreviated to kN.

The Tensile Strength In Kilonewtons For Our Swivels:

  • 22 kN For Our Forged Aluminum Eye To Eye Swivel
  • 40 kN For The Double Ball Bearing Rescue Swivel
  • 40 kN For The Double Ball Bearing NFPA Rescue Swivel

Where Does A Swivel Connect In A Rigging System?

Swivels can connect in various places in a rigging system or a fall protection system. In some cases they can be linked directly to a line. Alternatively, a swivel can be linked“eye to eye” on a carabiner, snap hook, or another type of hook.

What Are Some Advantages Of Using Aluminum?

Aluminum is an extremely hard material that is also lightweight. Aluminum is also flexible, durable, and resistant to corrosion. All of US Rigging’s swivels are made with aluminum as part of our commitment to providing customers with products made with top of the line materials.

Who Is US Rigging?

US Rigging is a manufacturer and master distributor of climbing ropes, fall protection equipment, and industrial rigging equipment located in Santa Ana, California. This Orange County-based company is proud to provide American Made products with both safety and service in mind. US Rigging has a legacy lasting over 40 years and is known for operational excellence.

US Rigging offers a carefully selected line of swivels made by our partners at ProClimb. These swivels are sold for their reliability and strength in situations where quality simply can’t be compromised. Attaching a swivel to a line will prevent twisting and tangling while allowing rotation and free-range motion.

Take a look around the product lines available and feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions. US Rigging is committed to excellence in service and providing our customers with the best rigging products on the market.