US Rigging Carries Wire Cable Thimbles & Rope Thimbles

Here at US Rigging we carry a carefully selected variety of Light-Duty Rope Thimbles and Wire Rope Thimbles to protect the strength and integrity of loops and eyes in wire cables and rope. Our Wire Cable Thimbles come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your specific needs. Our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimbles are made to resist both corrosion and erosion and our Nylon Cable Thimbles are available in bulk for lighter applications.

What Are Wire Rope Thimbles Used For?

Wire Rope Thimbles fit into the end of a wire rope and reinforce the rope when an eye loop is applied. Without a thimble, a cable can lose its integrity and strength from wear when an eye is installed. Thimbles and hooks can provide structure to the part of a wire rope that is otherwise easily weakened by kinking and strain.

Functions Of Thimbles With Wire Rope:

  • Reducing Kinking In Rope
  • Prevents Rope Deformation
  • Underlining & Supporting Loops
  • Resisting Erosion And Abrasion In Rope
  • Protecting The Strength Of A Rope With An Eye

What Is An HD Wire Rope Thimble?

The HD in HD Wire Rope Thimbles is short for “Heavy Duty.” Thimbles are classified as either Light Duty (LD) or Heavy Duty (HD). Where a thimble is not marked as HD, it should be assumed that it is a Light Duty Thimble. These are Stainless Steel Thimbles for situations that require increased strength of heavy loads. For extra Heavy Duty applications, we also offer the Super Heavy HD 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble.

  • HD Thimbles Are Heavy Duty
  • LD Thimbles Are Light Duty Thimbles

When Do I Need An HD Stainless Steel Thimble?

For some applications, Stainless Steel Thimbles are very useful or necessary. They are more expensive than standard thimbles like the ones Nylon Thimbles that we offer, but they are recommended for any application that involves dynamic loads, or loads that are approaching the working limit of a wire rope. Stainless Steel is resistant to corrosion and continues to work well even when exposed to saltwater. Stainless Steel Thimbles are also recommended for any application with Stainless Steel Cables or Stainless Steel Chains.

Common Applications For Stainless Steel HD Thimbles:

  • Outdoor Uses
  • Jobs With Dynamic Loads
  • Applications Involving Saltwater
  • Applications Where Loads Near Working Limit
  • Use With Stainless Steel Ropes Or Stainless Steel Chains
  • Situations Where Rigging Components Are Frequently Disconnected

What Are Nylon Thimbles Used For?:

Nylon Thimbles fall under the category of Light Duty or LD Thimbles. These thimbles are less expensive than Stainless Steel Thimbles and available in packs of 25 pieces. LD Thimbles can be used in sheets and applications with low loads. Nylon won’t rust and is a corrosive-resistant material so it can be used in many outdoor applications where exposure to water and weather conditions may be a concern. Thimbles can be used in rope splicing in a similar manner to how they are used in cable swaging, where they are used to protect the integrity and strength of a line looped into an eye.

Some Applications For Nylon LD Thimbles:

  • Outdoor Uses
  • Jobs With Lower Loads
  • Areas Where Rust & Corrosion Are A Concern
  • When Looking To Save Money & Buy Thimbles In Bulk

What Other Tools Do I Use With Wire Rope Thimbles?

Wire Cable Thimbles are usually used when forming an eye or loop in a wire cable. This usually involves also applying a swage sleeve to bind the eye or wire rope clips to fulfill a similar function. When using heavy-duty swage sleeves, a swager tool may be required to apply heavy compression to the sleeve. In some of these applications, a cable wire cutter may also be useful.

Other Tools Used For Swaging Wire Ropes:

  • Swage Sleeves
  • Wire Rope Clips
  • Cable Wire Cutters
  • Zinc Plated Thimbles
  • Swager Tools When Heavy Compression Is Requires

Who Is US Rigging?

US Rigging is a manufacturer and master distributor of climbing ropes, fall protection equipment, and industrial rigging equipment located in Santa Ana, California. This Orange County-based company is proud to provide American Made products with both safety and service in mind. US Rigging has a legacy lasting over 40 years and is known for operational excellence.

We offer a special selection of Rope Thimbles and Cable Thimbles for swaging or splicing eyes in lines and cables. These thimbles range from Light Duty Nylon Thimbles to Super Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimbles for extra heavy workloads.

US Rigging is committed to excellence in service and providing our customers with the best rigging products on the market.

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