Gusset HD 316 SS Wire Rope Thimble

Gusset HD 316 SS Wire Rope Thimble

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SKU: F-15-45

Weight: 0.00 LBS


The purpose of thimbles are to underline and support the eyes made by looping the exteriors of wire ropes. Thimbles create a durable wear surface & aid in supporting the wire rope eye. For durability, the use of stainless steel thimbles allows for the use in highly corrosive environments; As such, stainless steel thimbles supply additional security from erosion and deformation of the eye. In settings where a highly corrosive environment is not likely, US Rigging offers a wide variety of metals and sizes to best suit your needs.

F-15-4510 5/16" 1.42" 0.57"
F-15-4512 3/8" 1.85" 0.74"
F-15-4514 7/16" 2.09" 1.06"
F-15-4516 1/2" 2.38" 1.09"
F-15-4520 5/8" 2.83" 1.34"
Part # Type Style Material
F-15-45 Thimble Fiber / Wire Rope Stainless Steel

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