Indy Evo Descender

Indy Evo Descender

SKU: KNG-801

Weight: 0.99 LBS

Indy Evo is a manually operated descender device with double auto locking system, that locks both when the lever is released or when it is pressed. INDY EVO is also a descender device (conform to EN 12841 type C) for working rope and it allows a descent at a controlled speed and stop at any time, hands free, on a static rope (EN 1891) or dynamic rope (EN 892). Lightweight and compact size, long life guaranteed by the stainless steel cams and low maintenance make it a working tool very appreciated by the industry. Certified for two people, it allows the lowering of two people at the same time. It allows to take in slack the rope. High quality product, made in Italy!

  • CE EN 341
  • CE EN 12841/C
  • NFPA-L

Recommended for:

  • Work activities - Scaffolding and trestels, Metal structures, Roof and inclined planes, Rope Access, Sailboats, Treeclimbing/arboriculture, Cableway evacuation
  • Rescue activities - Fire Brigades and civil protection, Mountain rescue, Cableway evacuation
Part # Type Style Diameter Strength Material Finish Specs
KNG-801 Descender N/A 10 to 12 mm N/A Aluminum Black NFPA