NFPA Large D Carabiner - Triple Lock (Black)

NFPA Large D Carabiner - Triple Lock (Black)


Weight: 0.71 LBS
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The NFPA certified Triple Lock Large D carabiner has been especially crafted for users who desire only the best gear available NFPA Certified for Work and Rescue environments as well as Non-NFPA for Mountaineering and Sport environments.

From conception, this carabiner gives you the best in carabiner functionality. Featuring a snag-free nose and 33 mm gate opening, this carabiner is an ideal connector for all disciplines of climbing or work rescue. The Triple-Lock gate mechanism was engineered to have the locking sleeves engage on the gate, not on the frame, which helps prevent jamming or vibrating loose and allows the operator to operate while under load if necessary. With it's locking power, this carabiner is a triple threat as it takes not one, or two, but three motions in order to open and close it; making it one of the most reliable carabiners on the market.

US Rigging ascertains that all of our carabiners are 100% visually and physically inspected. It is US Rigging's attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship that assures you'll obtain only the highest level of value, performance and quality;  ensuring that your carabiners are among the best you can find anywhere in the world.

Part # Type Style Gate Opening Strength L W Material Finish Specs
USR-98-C09TB Triple Lock Gate D 31 mm 60 kN 128 mm 71 mm Steel Black Zinc NFPA