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1/16" - 7x7 | Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (Aircraft Cable) - 1/8" Jacket OD


3.33 LBS
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Product Overview

Wire rope is commonly comprised of wire strands that form a helix pattern. Especially dependable, wire rope is perfect for marine environments since its elasticity and length stay consistent in either wet or dry conditions. US Rigging offers many varieties of stainless or carbon steel wire rope including coated, non-coated, galvanized and those meeting military specifications in your choice of the 1x19, 7x7 or 7x19 class. US Rigging is pleased to be a leading wire rope distributor and wire rope supplier in the US. You can rely on US Rigging as your premier wire rope supplier as we offer professional recommendations from our sales team, competitive pricing, and quality wire rope. **Despite being exceptionally strong, wire rope may become damaged with improper use, making it unsafe. Please examine your wire rope for damaged or deteriorating wire. *WLL is approximately 20% of average break strength which allows a 5:1 design factor.