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316 Stainless Steel Hook/Eye Turnbuckles (Metric Thread) - (SOLD IN PACKS)


0.44 LBS
$24.99 - $31.99
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Product Overview

Turnbuckles supply tension by adjusting the length for supporting rope, wire rope, and chain . At its most basic, a turnbuckle is a couple of threaded eye bolts linked to its torso. However, the end fittings can also be a jaw or hook, depending on the specific need of the turnbuckle. The instruments at each end (i.e. eye, jaw, hook) are adjustable and thread into the body frame. Turnbuckles vary in diameters and lengths which add to the usefulness of each type. For example, a large diameter yields a higher load capacity whereas length allows for better adjustment capability.

K-63-06HE-4K 3/16" 5" 2-13/16" 3/8" Ø 50 lbs 4
K-63-08HE-4K 1/4" 6-7/16" 3-9/16" 1/2" Ø 150 lbs 4
K-63-10HE-2K 5/16" 8-3/16" 4-13/16” 9/16" Ø 280 lbs 2

*A is closed length measurement. **B is body measurement. †WLL allows a 5:1 design factor.