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Going back to ancient times humans have used pulley systems to get heavy work done. Take a look at Ancient Egyptian Pyramids and you will see the wonders of what can be done with rope pulley systems. Their magic was probably used to build Stone Henge. Now it is time for you to become a Pulley Wizard and you have come to the right place here at US Rigging. Call these pieces of equipment cable pulleys, pulley blocks, or lifting pulleys if you like, but the uses are going to be the same.

How Do Pulleys Work?

In rigging, lifting pulleys can be used to change the direction of a pull on a movable block. Fixed pulleys can increase your mechanical advantage on your rigging system, making loads that would otherwise be impossible to move possible to lift. Pulleys can make heavy loads feel weightless. Compound systems can have double pulleys or multiple pulleys attached on their axis in your rigging system. All pulleys sold by U.S. Rigging are made with super strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum materials!

What Are Some Popular Pulleys Sold By US Rigging?

Our pulleys are designed for our favorite 3 R words- Rigging, Ropes, and Rescue. We offer many different popular variations of pulleys, with variations like reflexive features, twin designs, side pulley features, and swinging party features.

Zip Pulley With An Integrated Connector: One of our most popular is the Zip Pulley With An Integrated Connector. Like the rest of our pulleys, this device is constructed with aluminum. This pulley is engineered with some pretty unique features that we will break down for you.

Some Popular Features Of The Zip Pulley With An Integrated Connector:

  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Designed To Make Correct Positioning Easy
  • Includes A Lever To Be Opened With One Hand
  • The Unique Integrated Connector Eliminates Errors

What Are Some Popular Applications For Pulleys?

Pulleys are used in almost every area you can imagine. US Rigging sells many pulleys that are ideal for rescue operations, including The Aluminum Mini Twin Pulley, The Extra Roll Pulley, and the Reflex Pulley. These pulleys are all also excellent for complex lifting systems in applications for trestles, scaffolding, and cableway evacuation. If you are working with Bull Ropes or Dead Eye Slings, you may want to consider using the Alby Aluminum Pulley.

What Do You Use A Swing Side Pulley For?

Swing Side Pulleys have aluminum plates that swing open for easier installation of a rope in your system. These are particularly handy if you are doubling up on a line. The Swing Side Pulleys have rotational sheaves that allow easy insertion of ropes.

What Pulley Is Best For An Arborist?

For many tree climbing applications, we recommend the Alby Aluminum Pulley, which is engineered to work in conjunction with Bull Ropes and Dead Eye Slings. This pulley is perfect for lowering applications.

Features Of The Alby Aluminum Pulley:

  • Perfect For Lowering Applications
  • Engineered For Use With Bull Ropes
  • Excellent For Use With Dead Eye Slings

What Are Twin Pulleys?

Twin Pulleys or Double Pulleys are compact and include a double wheel with mobile side plates. They are named for their two attachment points, engineered for complex lifting systems. The use of a Twin Pulley system will reduce the amount of force required for a pulley system.

What Is An Extra Roll Pulley?

Extra Roll Pulleys are similar to Twin Pulleys in that they are compact, include side plates, and are engineered for use in complex lifting systems. Unlike Twin Pulleys, Extra Roll Pulleys feature a single wheel rather than two wheels.

Who Is US Rigging?

US Rigging is a manufacturer and master distributor of climbing ropes, fall protection equipment, and industrial rigging equipment located in Santa Ana, California. This Orange County-based company is proud to provide American Made products with both safety and service in mind. US Rigging has a legacy lasting over 40 years and is known for operational excellence.

US Rigging offers a wide variety of pulleys, including zip pulleys, reflex pulleys, and twin pulleys. Customers looking to lift heavy loads will find that US Rigging’s pulley selections include many of the best products in the world.

Take a look around the product lines available and feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions. US Rigging is committed to excellence in service and providing our customers with the best rigging products on the market.

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