Rigging Shackles & Marine Shackles

This section is dedicated to shackles that are designed with Marine Rigging applications in mind. A shackle, which is sometimes referred to as a clevis, is used to link different components of a rigging system together. The function of a shackle is similar to the function of a carabiner or snap-hook.

Marine Rigging Shackles and Lifting Shackles are used to secure and lift loads, connect to the anchor chain, and as part of fall precaution applications. In some situations, they are used when a hook doesn’t fit directly with another component in a rigging system.

US Rigging carries Marine Rigging Shackles produced by our close partners at Durabrite who specialize in stainless steel hardware.

If you are interested in learning more about shackles, this guide will hopefully answer your questions.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is an incredible material that is excellent for outdoor use, including applications where it may come into contact with salt water. Stainless Steel Is resistant to corrosion and rust. These unique features make Stainless Steel a perfect material for Marine Rigging applications.

Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Shackles:

  • Resistant To Corrosion
  • Great For Outdoor Use
  • Can Come Into Contact With Saltwater
  • Ideal For Use With Other Stainless Steel Components

What Are The Most Commonly Used Types Of Shackles?

The two most commonly used types of shackles are bow-shaped (also called anchor-shaped) and D-Shaped (sometimes called Dee-Shaped) shackles. These are considered to be multipurpose shackles while other shapes are used for more specialized applications.

When Should You Use A Bow Shackle Or Anchor Shackle?

Bow Shackles are also commonly called Anchor Shackles. They are the #1 most commonly used type of Rigging Shackle. They are perfect for those situations where you have force being applied to your fastener in two opposing directions.

Our Bows are Pin Shackles, which means they have pins that can be easily removed from the fastener.

Features Of Our 316 Stainless Steel Bow Shackles:

  • Include An Easily Removable Pin
  • Perfect When Force Pulls In 2 Opposing Directions
  • Working Weight Load Range From 520 Lbs- 8,820 Lbs
  • Made With An Anchor Shape - The Most Commonly Used Type Of Shackle

When Should You Use A D-Shackle Or Chain Shackle?

D Shackles/Dee Shackles are sometimes also called Chain Shackles. These are designed to take on large loads, generally in one direction. They are especially ideal to link a chain to an anchor.

D Shackles are available in two shapes - “Standard D Shackles” and “Long D Shackles.” Long D Shackles are popular as multipurpose hardware for boating applications and usually should only be used to connect 2 components together.

Just like our Bows, our D Shackles are Pin Shackles, which means they have pins that can be easily removed from the fastener.

Features Of Our 316 Stainless Steel D Shackles:

  • Often Called Chain Shackles
  • Include An Easily Removable Pin
  • Perfect As Multipurpose Boating Fasteners
  • Working Weight Load Range For Long D From 300 Lbs- 2,820 Lbs
  • Working Weight Load Range For Standard D From 440 Lbs- 9,260 Lbs

Now that we have talked about the two most commonly used types of shackles, let’s pivot to talking about some shackles that have more specialized applications.

What Are The Advantages Of Swivel Shackles?

Swivels can be used to eliminate twisting on a chain, rope, lanyard, or other cord. The use of a swivel will increase stability and decrease torsional damage on your line. Swivels can also be used to position a load on a line without restricting its motion or rotation.

Swivel Shackles are commonly used with Spinnaker Halyards. A spinnaker is a type of sail that is used for “off wind” sailing. It is designed to balloon out in the wind. As one may assume, a Spinnaker Halyard is a line that is used specifically for rigging with a spinnaker sail.

Some Details On Swivel Shackles:

  • Commonly Used With Spinnaker Halyards
  • Prevent Lines From Tangling While Allowing Free Motion

If you are looking to extend the life of your Swivel, many boat enthusiasts will suggest that they work best when linked to a second shackle as an intermediate between your Swivel and other rigging components.

What Are The Advantages Of Fixed Eye Shackles?

In some applications, you want to make sure that a line is not allowed to twist at all. In contrast to a Swivel, a Fixed Eye Shackle is designed to restrict motion on a line and keep it in a “fixed” position as the name implies.

Depending on the size, our Fixed Eye Shackles carry a 480 or 880 Working Load Limit.

Features Of Our 316 Stainless Fixed Eye Snap Shackles:

  • Added Resistance To Oxidization
  • Used To Restrict Motion On A Line
  • Working Weight Load Range For Long D From 480 Lbs To 880 Lbs

We are just about ready to finish up. We’ve talked a lot about many of the products that we carry, so now we will give you a little background on who we are.

Meet US Rigging

US Rigging is a manufacturer and master distributor of climbing ropes, fall protection equipment, and industrial rigging equipment located in Santa Ana, California. This Orange County-based company is proud to provide American Made products with both safety and service in mind. US Rigging has a legacy lasting over 40 years and is known for operational excellence.

US Rigging offers a wide variety of high-quality shackles designed for Marine Rigging applications. We carry both Rigging Shackles and Loading Shackles. This includes commonly used Bow Shackles and D Shackles, as well as more specialized fasteners like Fixed Eye Shackles, Swivel Eye Shackles, and Twisted Steel Shackles. Whatever you need for your Marine Rigging applications, we probably have the shackle for you.

Take a look around the product lines available and feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions. US Rigging is committed to excellence in service and providing our customers with the best rigging products on the market.

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