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Are you looking to replace some old rigging ropes on your boat? Did you just win the lottery and buy a new yacht? Need a mast rope? How about a flagpole rope? US Rigging has been manufacturing and distributing rigging materials for decades now. It probably goes without saying that we know a few things about ropes and sailing lines are no exception. We have provided some basic info on some things you may want to think about when shopping for a halyard.

Scroll down and see if we can teach you a thing or two about Halyards and Sailing Lines.

What Exactly Is A Halyard?

A halyard is a line that is used in sailing or boating for various functions. It may simply be a flagpole rope, or it could be used to raise sails or spars. These ropes often include polyester materials and are typically designed to give very low stretch or elongation.

Some Other Terms Used For Halyard:

  • Yacht rope
  • Mast Rope
  • Sailing Line

What Are Some Factors To Consider In Choosing A Halyard?

Now that we have established what a halyard is, let’s break down a few things you will want to look out for when choosing your sailing line. When you are choosing a halyard, there are many different things you want to think about. In most cases, the most important features that you will be looking for are ropes that offer resistance to extreme abrasion. Aside from looking for a solid core, the additional covering can allow for more protection from wear. Often you will also want to look for ropes with higher diameters. If you are using a clutch, you will want to get pretty close to the maximum diameter of rope that the clutch will accept.

Here’s A Few General Rules:

  • Halyards Should Almost Always Be Low Stretch
  • Ropes With Increased Abrasion Resistance Are Ideal
  • Sailing Lines Should Be Close To The Maximum Diameter A Clutch Will Accept

What Are Some Types Of Halyard Ropes For Sailboats?

After talking in general terms about some of the things you want to be looking for in your halyards, let’s talk a little about different types of lines that are available. US Rigging offers two general different types of sailing lines - Wire To Rope Lines and Spinnaker Lanyards.

Wire To Rope Lines are more generalized, multipurpose halyards. They are often used to replace old halyards on boats. The wire core offers a lower stretch in the rope, making it ideal for boating applications. The rope cover provides a softer grip which makes handling the line easier and more comfortable.

Spinnaker Halyards are designed for more specific applications where a spinnaker is going to be used. Spinnakers are a style of sale, which are also sometimes called chutes or kites. These sails balloon out when they fill up with wind.

Spinnaker Halyards

As mentioned above, a spinnaker is a type of sail that is used for “off wind” sailing. It is designed to balloon out in the wind. As one may assume, a Spinnaker Halyard is a line that is used specifically for rigging with a spinnaker sail.

Here Are Some Features Of Spinnaker Sailing Lines:

  • High Strength
  • Low Stretch/Elongation
  • Double Braided Polyester Cover
  • Resistant To Water, Mold, And Mildew
  • Tough Core Made Of High Tech Dacron Polyethylene
  • Include A Stainless Steel Swivel Shackle And Snaphook

Wire To Rope Halyards

Wire To Rope Halyards is used as general-purpose lines in boating. They offer very low stretch with their core made of Dacron Polyethylene Materials and are hand-spliced to maintain rope strength.

Here Are Some Features Of Wire To Rope Halyards:

  • Highly Flexible
  • Low Stretch/Elongation
  • Includes A Stainless Steel Thimble
  • Hand Spliced To Maintain Rope Strength
  • Commonly Use To Replace Old Halyards
  • Tough Core Made Of High Tech Dacron Polyethylene

Who Is US Rigging?

US Rigging is a manufacturer and master distributor of climbing ropes, fall protection equipment, and industrial rigging equipment located in Santa Ana, California. This Orange County-based company is proud to provide American Made products with both safety and service in mind. US Rigging has a legacy lasting over 40 years and is known for its operational excellence.

US Rigging offers a select variety of halyards and sailing lines designed specifically for boating applications. These include both halyards designed specifically for spinnakers and more generally use wire to rope sailing lines. These low stretch, high strength ropes are made with high tech Dacron polyethylene materials to ensure lines are tougher than they need to be.

Take a look around the product lines available and feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions. US Rigging is committed to excellence in service and providing our customers with the best rigging products on the market.

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