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Utili-Tree™ Flip Line

Pelican Rope

2.50 LBS
$124.99 - $132.99
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Product Overview

Pelican Rope’s Kernmantle Positioning Lanyard provides a stiff construction without compromising flexibility while you work. The low stretch nylon core makes positioning easy while the polyester cover offers a superior supple grip. Its Urethane coating gives premium abrasion resistance while its Chafe Master chafing guard gives additional protection. Experience shock absorption with this ANSI certified positioning lanyard and conquer your next day at work. This product is ideal for work positioning, arborist and other tree work.

  • Soft Grip

  • Firm Core

  • Shock Absorption

  • Low-Stretch Design

  • Chafe Master Protection

  • Stiff But Flexible Construction

  • Meets ANSI Z359.3/Z133-2017