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Gripple: A Lead Creator in Hangers and Grips

With a legacy lasting over 3 decades, Gripple is a leading manufacturer worldwide. Gripple holds a dominant force in the agricultural, electrical, and construction industries. Their unmatched reputation comes from their commitment to both innovation and high-quality equipment. From their Stainless Steel Hangers, Wire Tensioners, and Wire Joiners, to their Pipe Support Brackets and Fence Repair Kits, Gripple meets all of your needs.

When working with Gripple’s products, rest assured that these products are on the cutting edge of technology.  US Rigging is proud to offer an array of Gripple products, including Wire Rope Grips and Wire Rope Grip Joiners, Wire Pipe Hangers, Pipe Support Brackets, and Loop Hangers.

How Can Gripple Products Cut Back On Work Time?

The Gripple Brand put a strong emphasis on creating products that cut down on the amount of work needed to install industrial materials. People trust that when they are using Gripple, they are saving time and energy.

  • Lockable Wire Rope allows minimal load application
  • Standard Loop Line reduces installation time by 80%
  • Gripple Loop Line Hangers allow you to skip the additional bracketry
  • Stainless Steel Loop Hangers are supplied as one ready to use kit
  • Wire Fastener is installed up to 6 times faster than more traditional methods

Why Use Stainless Steel?

Many of Gripple’s products are made with stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its sheer strength, but also has many other unique qualities that make it such a desirable material to use in industrial equipment.

  • Avoids rust
  • Heat resistance
  • Resists corrosion
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Resistant to cold temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Why Use Galvanized Steel?

When someone needs a strong material but also needs to cut down on costs, galvanized steel is an excellent and reliable material. Galvanized steel can be found in Gripple’s Line Loop Hangers, which adhere to strong safety compliance measures. Galvanized steel is an affordable material that prevents rust and corrosion and will last for many years.

  • Durability 
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight material
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance material

What Are Rope Grips Used For?

Rope grips can be used to terminate wire rope and help to prevent rope damage and failure. Gripple’s Rope Grips ensure stability and durability. 

Gripple’s wire rope joiners work well for vineyard wire, fencing, and stringing lights.

These grips can make a perfect alternative to bolt down cable ties and work easily with the Gripple Contractor Tool! 

Lockable wire rope grips hold up to 880 lbs and offer a safety factor of 4:1. They feature “Locking Screws” and are ideal for dynamic loads. 

Popular applications for Grips:

  • Tensioning wire fences
  • Repairing stair railings
  • Terminating wire rope
  • Joining vineyard wire

Why Are Gripple’s Rope Grips So Unique?

Gripple is especially well known for their high-quality Wire Rope Grips and Joiners. These products are both strong and efficient. 

The materials used in these products are robust, versatile, and durable.

Customers know Gripple products to be easy to use and the rope grips are no exception. The wire rope joiners are known as the simplest way to join wire effectively. They are particularly recognized for their uses in linking cables that tension easily. 

What Are Wire Pipe Hangers?

Pipe Hangers are used for holding up and supporting pipes. Wire Pipe Hangers can be used in many applications as alternatives to more traditional clevis pipe hangers. These hangers are resistant to corrosion and are created with aesthetics in mind, replacing less discreet products that stand out too much.

What Are Wire Pipe Hangers Made From? 

Gripple’s Standard Loop Pipe Hangers feature stainless steel materials and reduce installation time by 80%. The Loop Hanger Packages include Wire Rope, Rope Grip, and a Release Tool made especially for these materials. They are sold in packs of 10.

With these packages, you can forget about stress and wasted time.

Blackline Hangers are made with uniquely lightweight materials, making them easy to transport on work sites. These allow you to skip the sawing, filing, and use of nuts and bolts. 

What Are Wire Pipe Hangers Used For?

  • Holding up pipes
  • Supporting pipes
  • A good alternative to clevis pipe hangers

US Rigging Carries the Following Gripple Hanging Products:

  • Standard Loop Pipe Hangers
  • Stainless Steel Loop Pipe Hangers
  • Blackline Loop Hangers with Express Fasteners

What is a Wire Grip Joiner?

Wire Grip Joiners fasten rope grips together. These fasteners are keyless and require no additional tools. Grippler’s wire joiners are used to suspend signs, HVAC materials, plumbing materials, and lighting. They also can be used to contain cables.

As with all Gripple products, these Wire Grips are designed to maximize efficiency. The wire fastener is installed up to 6 times faster than more traditional methods.

What Is a Wire Grip Hangers Used For?

  • Containing cables
  • Containing lighting
  • Suspending plumbing
  • Suspending HVAC materials
  • Customized shop fitting displays

Gripple’s History of Excellence

  • Established in 1989- over 3 decades of service!
  • A rich legacy in innovation and creating high-quality products.
  • Winner of EEF Environmental Award for a commitment to  sustainability.
  • 100% employee-owned, with an investment of service to workers and customers alike.
  • Top of the line materials for fence repair kits, HVAC hangers, Wire suspension systems, rope grips, and Wire Duct Hangers.

Why U.S. Rigging Partnered With Gripple?

U.S. Rigging is a supply manufacturer and master distributor located in Santa Ana, California. U.S. Rigging distributes materials for a wide variety of industrial fitting brands and fall protection gear. 

We pride ourselves in keeping our customers and clients safe and secure in their workplaces and homes by providing high-quality products. While we supply products from many brands, we trust Gripple for their commitment to excellence, especially when it comes to Wire Duct Hangers, Wire Pipe Hangers, HVAC hangers, pipe support brackets, wire suspension systems, wire rope grips, wire tensioners, and fence repair kits. 

U.S. rigging strives for operational excellence and outstanding customer service. We consider Gripple to be a brand that helps us serve our customers’ needs for outstanding materials.

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