Jaw & Jaw Angular Contact Bearing Swivel

15T - Jaw & Jaw Angular Contact Bearing Swivel

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Weight: 47.80 LBS

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Yoke swivels are manufactured using the highest grade of material available. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance and longer life. Manufactured with grease fittings for superior performanve. These Yoke swivels also are designed for low starting torque and high rotation speed.

  • Made for Wire Line Size with 1 inch diameter
  • Designed with a safety factor of 5:1
  • All swivel parts are 100% magnaflux crack detected
  • 20,000 cycle fatigue rate to 1.5 times working load limit
  • all parts with batch number for quality certified and traceability

 ★ Minimum Ultimate Load is 5 times the W orking Load Limit.
 ★ Maximun Proof Load is 2 times the W orking Load Limit.

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Part # Type Diameter WLL Material
8-303-15 Contact Bearing Swivel 1” 15 tons Steel